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    Company profile
    Brand story


          Gorgeous Nail, Fantastic Life!

          Eager to show your special!

          Everygirl wants to be perfect, to be the spot light!

          Once trying a nail gel polish color by an occasionally chance, I suddenly realize that  The Color on my fingernail makes me feel happy, make me feel like the queen!

          The color indicates the elegant from my inside to outside, shining with wisdom thoughts.

          The whole world light up when the fingers colored with the shades.

          Attractive Sound, elegant neck, exquisite fingernails!


          Originated in France, adhering to its classical and modern fashion concept. Our colors make every woman elegant and full of romantic passion.


         Life is colorful! Everytime  different things happing!

         All these things show the important to change ourselves!

         So try to adapt this world, try to make ourselves better, try to let's life more interesting! Let Try, colorful your life!


        Tow childhood sweetheart come across after long life time, and find they still love and wait for each other with the lavender bottles.

         Mickey, the brand with purple color bottles stander the wish that all shall be will.